Best Pest Control DIY Ideas and Tips

Best Pest Control DIY Ideas and Tips

DIY tasks might seem to be daunting but when you use the right method and treatment it can help you in getting rid of the pests, saving money and time. Whenever we see pests around us the first thing we think of doing is spraying pesticides and killing them immediately. But if you want to kill the pests naturally without using any harmful or hazardous chemicals then this article is for you. You will get to know some of the best pest control DIY ideas that you can follow and avoid using chemicals and harmful pesticides.

Identify the pests

Before you begin using any DIY method for pest control, you need to identify the type of pests that are roaming around your house. There are several pests that take shelter in your house and creep around. To get rid of them you need to know the right process for each of them. Be it creepy cockroaches, lizards, rats, bedbugs, or any other insects, you need to apply the right DIY for eradicating them.

1. DIY remedies for ant control

Ants enter your house with their battalion. They live in colonies and they lay eggs. Ant control is an important part of pest control in Dublin as they ruin the food items and the bigger ants tend to bite as well. To naturally eradicate the ants here are some natural remedies that you can use.

a. Coffee Ground: This is the easiest way of ant control. All you need to do is sprinkle some coffee ground around the windows and doors of your house and the ants will stay away from your house.

b. Borax Mixture: You need 1 ½ tablespoon of borax and 1 cup sugar water.  Mix them well and soak them in cotton balls. Keep them where you see ants. It works effectively because the sugar will attract the ants and they will take back borax with them and all of them will be eradicated.

2. DIY pest control in Dublin for cockroaches

Cockroaches are the most common pest that can be found in every household. They are one of the creepiest creatures and no one likes to see them crawling around. You can get rid of cockroaches using the method mentioned below.

Baking soda and Sugar: Baking soda and sugar is an effective method of killing cockroaches. Take equal part of sugar and baking soda, mix them well and spray it around the area where you see cockroaches roaming around. Baking soda eventually gets mixed with the stomach acid of the cockroaches and eventually kills them.

3. DIY for fruit flies control

Fruit flies are extremely common in houses, restaurants, and even in supermarkets. They are extremely annoying we know. So, here is the easiest method of killing fruit flies.

Apple Cider Vinegar: You can easily get it from any local shop. Mix apple cider vinegar with a few drops of liquid dishwashing soap and keep it in a bowl. It can be an effective trap as the sweet smell of apple cider vinegar attracts the fruit flies.

4. DIY method for eradicating spiders

No matter how many times you clean the spider web, it will appear over and over again. Spiders are also very creepy and you don’t want them moving around spreading webs. If you use the method mentioned above, you can easily get rid of them.

Vinegar and water spray: Mix an equal amount of water and vinegar in a bottle and spray it around spiders. It is totally safe for humans but not at all safe for spiders. It will effectively repel them from your house.

Pest control DIY can be hectic but if you use these methods then you can eradicate the pests with minimal effort and in a natural way.

The mentioned methods are only effective when the pest problem is not severe. If the issue is severe then it is advisable that you call pest control in Dublin. We are one of the pest control service providers in Dublin and we can eradicate the unnecessary nuisance from your house. Visit our website or give us a call for more information about our pest control services.

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