More than inconvenience, pests in your home can lead to unhygienic and contaminated environment. They pose a serious threat and risk not only to your health but also for your children as well as pets. We provide Residential & Domestic pest control to our clients with the high quality service and assist them in solving their issues.

When you or your home is under threat from any such of pests, we are always there to resolve your problems.


We are committed to deliver our expertise in the following areas to all our residential customers;

  • Reactive treatments
  • Engaging pest control techniques
  • Information and advice on the pests being treated
  • Stress and hassle free pest solutions.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Flexible service hours.
  • Fast response times
  • Pest prevention advice.


Residential and Domestic Pest Control Service

We provide a FREE Quotation and audit if necessary.

  • WASP Control– Wasp nests are formed by chewed wood and paper and may become very large
  • Fly Control – Flies carry deadly germs as they breed on rotten food, manure and garbage
  • Mosquito Control – Mosquitoes are known to spread infections and diseases. Its control is quintessential to human health
  • Ant Removal – Ants are attracted to sweet substances and vast numbers will contaminate human foods
  • Rodent Control – Rodents can cause significant damage to businesses and homes by destroying stored goods
  • Silverfish Treatments – We use latest approved methods to eradicate these pests and always recommend a follow up treatment. 
  • Bed Bugs and Fleas Removal – PestPure Solutions Technicians use the latest tried and tested treatments to eradicate pests like Bed Bugs and Fleas
  • Cockroach Control – Good hygiene practices along with cockroach monitoring and baiting will remove them completely along with regular inspections

All PestPure pest control service contracts include emergency call outs and follow up site inspections carried out as a priority. Reactive treatment are designed to eradicate any current pest problems in the quickest possible time


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